Thanks to the wide range of products, RefComp currently meets all needs in the sectors of:

  • Conditioning (large private and public buildings, shopping malls);
  • Commercial and industrial refrigeration (cold rooms);
  • Industrial process cooling.

The production lines are currently focused on the following products:

  • alternative semi-hermetic compressors for air conditioning and refrigeration, offering a wide range of nominal power of a motor, volume and capacity;
  • Semi-hermetic refrigeration screw compressors, a wide range designed and manufactured based on high efficient energy installation and maintenance services made simple;
  • compact, semi-hermetic air conditioning and refrigeration screw compressors at medium evaporation temperatures, designed to ensure maximum efficiency and low noise;
  • Semi-hermetic air conditioning and process compressors with integrated inverter and built-in volumetric ratio control (RefComp patent), with optimal motors which are more efficient at all frequencies;